Three Common Safety Sign Mistakes to Avoid in the Workplace

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Safety signs have become ubiquitous at workplaces that some people tend to think they already know everything there is to know about these items. But, many companies still make mistakes in handling safety signs — mistakes that could cost lives.

So, if you want your workplace safety signs to be effective in protecting your employees, make sure to avoid these three errors.

Mistake #1: Wrong placement

The first most common mistake with regard to safety signs is placement. This happens when you do not give much thought to where you should place each sign. One example is putting up a sign way ahead of the safety hazard, which is clearly ineffective.

If you place a danger sign a few yards before the location of the actual hazard, your employees might look out for impending danger way before the risky area. Then, if they do not find anything, they might just end up ignoring the sign and proceeding to the hazardous area without being prepared. This is where accidents could happen.

What you should do is to make sure that you put up signs close to the dangerous locations. Make sure that they are visible, too. The signs should be placed at a medium height where most people would not need to crane their necks upwards to spot them.

Mistake #2: Lack of clarity

Take safety signs in Singapore, for example. They are clear and most are even translated into other languages so that people who do not speak English or Mandarin can still understand what the signs are saying. This is how your workplace signs should be: clear and easily understandable. Remember that vague safety signs could lead to accidents and injuries.

You should also avoid using jargon. For example, you are operating a port and there are many areas in the docking bay that have loose ropes or low-hanging beams that could hurt people. Since you and your employees understand shipping port jargon, you might use some words that you will understand immediately. But, you cannot always assume that people who work in a port would be the only ones visiting your workplace.

There might also be guests or clients of yours who would want to check their cargo. If they are unfamiliar with the jargon you use in your signs, then they might not know that they are about to enter an unsafe area.

Mistake #3: Neglect

safety signs infront of tanks

For obvious reasons, people should take care of safety signs. Despite their importance, though, some companies still fail to maintain their signs properly. Remember that safety signs can become worn out. And when they do, people will no longer be able to see the danger that lies ahead of them. So, make sure to either repaint your workplace safety signs or better yet, replace them after a few years.

Safety should be every company’s top priority. You can help your workplace become a lot safer for your employees by simply avoiding these mistakes. Handle your safety signs with care and your employees will be protected all the time.

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