The Latest Trends in SEO

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Running a small business is difficult, especially when your racing against businesses that have been in the industry for several years. But there is a way to still rise among the competition with just a computer.

Local search engine optimization can play an extremely crucial role in your success. Since most consumers nowadays have access to the internet, using it to your advantage can give you an edge against your competitors.

By creating a precise marketing strategy with the help of an SEO firm in Sydney, you can finally get ahead of the competition by utilizing it properly.

Google Still Tops the Local SEO Scene

Google has been around for more than a decade. And up until today, it is the most lucrative platform for search engine optimization and digital touchpoint, especially when it comes to attracting local search engine. Channels like Google Maps and Google My Business provide local customers with directions when they’re searching for a specific business. It’s a great tool, especially if you want your customers to be updated about your shop’s information.

Although paid search ads can generate faster results, 50% of website traffic still comes from organic search. Remember that the system behind Google is excellent at reading intent based on how people search. So it’s a must to create remarkable web content so that you can target the right audience.

There are several misconceptions that surround organic traffic. One of them is that you need to publish a lot of posts. They used to do it so they can reach the top spot in every search engine and boost organic traffic. But that’s where they got it wrong.

Now, generating excellent organic search traffic requires more than placing a few keywords. You need to create well-structured content that can bring value to your target market. You need to understand what your audience wants. You can use this to tailor your content and even the structure of your web pages.

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The Rise of Voice Assistants

Aside from Google’s control over SEO, you also need to consider the increasing influence of voice assistants like Siri and Alexa. Now, mobile tech moguls in the industry have gotten people comfortable interacting with their devices. So, you need to understand how it works and how you can tap into it.

In the next years to come, voice search will replace the keyboard when it comes to searching on the web. That’s because of the benefits that it provides. Not only is it more comfortable to use, but it’s also much more convenient to speak a command rather than use a keyboard.

That’s why businesses should start understanding how voice search will soon affect SEO. Keep in mind that when people use voice search assistants, they speak in a way that’s normal to them instead of typing it in.

Technology continues to update in each year. But it doesn’t mean that you wouldn’t try your best to get into the trend. Everyone wants their business to become successful. If you want to achieve the same, you need to know all the emerging trends to help you optimize your business.

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