Safe Heating Techniques and Devices for a Cold Room

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Winter may be almost over. But the weather can still make a room unbearably cold. Here are techniques and devices guaranteed to warm up a cold room.

Portable electric heaters

You can use a portable electric heater. This is the easiest way to warm up a room. But be careful when you use this appliance. It can burn you (especially the fingers of children who like to touch the heaters’ surface) if you get too close to it.

Also, a large unit may overload your home or building’s electrical circuit because it uses too much electricity. If used improperly, it could cause a fire. Plus, a portable heater looks clunky so it can ruin the design of any space. So you have to choose between comfort and aesthetics.

Block registers and check the filters of your furnace

Consult your furnace technician about the best way to block floor or grille registers. You don’t need to overhaul everything in the room. Just rearrange some furniture or rugs, and you’ll be able to block some of your furnace’s registers safely.

Also, change the furnace’s filters regularly. A dirty filter can make your furnace malfunction and make the room cold instead of warm.

Check for gaps

Since we’re already talking about blocking things, check for gaps that are leaking out the precious warm air from your heating system. Make sure that your doors, windows, floors and walls do not have holes.

If you find such gaps, put caulk or weather strips to block them.

Mount duct booster fans

You have professionals mount booster fans inside the air ducts of your heating system or on the registers. These fans boost the heat by blowing more warm air into a room. It’s better to get high-quality fans because these things can be noisy.

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Install radiant heaters

Unlike portable electric heaters, radiant heaters can be mounted on the ceiling or the floor. So, they will be out of the reach of children and can be inconspicuous. Also, a ceiling-mounted radiant heater directly warms up objects and people, not the air around you.

So, you’ll feel the warmth on your skin or furniture, even though the air around you remains cool. You don’t have to worry about heating an entire area with this device. So, it is a good, energy-efficient option if you want to warm up a specific spot in the room.

If you want to install radiant heaters on the floor, you have several options like under-tile, under-laminate, or under-carpet systems.

Install ceiling fan heaters

There are now ceiling fans that double as heaters. These are just like regular ceiling fans. But they circulate warm air through the attached heater. They can be used as normal ceiling fans during summer.

Create ventilator fans between rooms

If you have a central heating system, let the warm air circulate to other rooms through ventilator fans. This is a great idea if you have a fireplace or a stove that can generate heat but cannot circulate it to other areas.

A portable electric heater is not the only option to warm up a room. You have different types of fans and radiant heaters as alternatives. Also, you can make sure that the warm air stays inside a room by checking your furnace and entryways.

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