4 Strategies for Managing Your Project Team

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Let’s say someone told you that you need a good cloud based program management solution to run your projects better. So you got one. And yet, nothing has changed much, and you are beginning to doubt the efficacy of your software. However, your software is not the issue. Have you considered that you could be the problem, – that your management skills may be lacking?

It takes time and a lot of experience to acquire good management skills. Here’s what you should do to become a good manager:

1. Appreciate your employees

Never underestimate the power of appreciation. Studies show that 79% of people leave their employers because they don’t feel appreciated. People want to feel that they matter. And when they don’t feel that way, they will leave and go where they are celebrated.

So, learn to say “thank you”, and “good job” to help your team feel motivated. Doing so will work in your favor and keep that project you are managing, running smoothly until the end.

2. Provide opportunities for growth

It’s important that you provide your employees with the opportunity to grow in their chosen fields. Provide mentorship and training to enable them to learn new things from those who have been there and done that. Allow them to thrive and be the wind beneath their wings.

If people feel that you stifle them for whatever reason, they will leave you hanging at the most crucial stage of the project. And even if they don’t leave, they will disengage and the rest of your project will be completed halfheartedly. If that happens, expect the quality of work to be compromised.

3. Learn empathy

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How do you react when your team members have problems? Do you sympathize with them and adjust the project to enable them to deal with unavoidable problems that crop up? Certain emergencies like medical complications that may arise, require you to be humane, no matter how tight project deadlines are.

Research shows that 93% of employees would continue to stay with their employers, if those employees showed some empathy. So, teach yourself to be human and consider other people’s feelings when the need arises.

4. Let people have time for their personal life

Are you a sane boss or a slave driver? We live in an era where work-life balance matters more than having a prestigious job. In fact, employees now evaluate potential jobs based on how good their work-life balance will be like.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to complete a project on time and under budget, but it should not happen at the expense of your team. You need to factor in their personal lives and the need for balance between that, and the job that they do under your management. Because if people are not happy, then no matter how good your program management solution is, you can forget about accomplishing your goals.

Good managerial skills can be learned. All you need to do is be open minded and willing to learn those skills. If you choose to remain rigid, not even the best cloud based program management solution will help you out. Sooner or later your team members will get fed up. And those that don’t disengage from their work may simply decide to give up and leave – and you don’t want that to happen.

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