What You Were Doing Wrong in Digital Marketing

Everything’s just a click away. And so is your website, so you think. But you wonder why you don’t get as many visits as you expected. Or sales didn’t improve despite your newly launched digital marketing campaign.

With millions of people online and equally numerous websites and online platforms, it’s worth asking why your website traffic is not improving. Your digital marketing plan is not working. There are many reasons for it, but here are the most common problems with incompetent marketing strategies.

You don’t know how Google and its advertising system works.

If you’re trying to manage your own AdWords system, you might not be using it properly. Are your selected keywords familiar to your target market? Or maybe the text or the images that appear seem unrelated to your keywords, or even your products. It is best if you have an expert digital marketing team to help you with this. To develop a powerful campaign strategy, it’s not just good keywords that you need to secure. You must have insights about your target user’s preferences, what interests your market, and how to make your text or images attractive to them.

Your sponsored content is too much of a hard sell.

This content is like an introduction of yourself, be it your company or your products. Like in social gatherings, you don’t launch into a speech about yourself. Rather, you give a glimpse of how you are and show interest in the other person to make that person reciprocate an interest in you.

Make your sponsored content sweeping, soft sell, more about appealing to your market’s interest rather than talking about your products or company. This is your bait. When they get to your site, you can do your hard-selling there.

Think about those mobile games that advertise epic stories even if these are not substantial in the game. For example, the ad could be about the love story of two characters, but once you’ve downloaded and started playing the game, you find out that the story takes place in the transition of levels. For most of the game, you will just be matching three or five shapes together.

It could already fall into the category of fake advertising and could get you a backlash, but the idea is that the bait is something that more people could relate to and would be interested in. Later on, once they’ve viewed your product, they could decide if it’s what they were looking for.

Your website takes a long time to load.

website essentials

There could be several reasons for this. This is especially true for websites that have high resolutions and are image-heavy. They’re ok if all of your target viewers have good internet connections. Otherwise, slow-loading pages are turn-offs.

Go for low-resolution images and make them clickable, directing to higher resolutions. You see this kind of strategy in online shops where the image is small, but you could use a magnifier pointer to get a more detailed view of the products.

Your ad manager might be investing in very annoying click baits.

It’s very annoying when you’re trying to get to another part of a website, but before you could go there, the link you click on redirects you to an unrelated website, and you need to go back to the page you were navigating to click on the real link. Although this way you will get views of your website, these people would not necessarily engage with it because, in the first place, it’s not what they were hoping to see. They would get irritated, and if it recurs a lot, your site might be blocked.

Your social media post scheduling is not specific to your intended market.

You see many reports claiming the best time and the best day to post on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and maybe LinkedIn. They promise that you will get more views if you post during that time and thus more likes and shares. But these reports are usually generic. They’re not particular about the demographics of social media users. There would be a difference in social media use between students and professionals, for example. If you’re targeting health-conscious individuals, they might not be staying up late into the night reading their social media feeds.

Dealing with digital marketing should not be different from how advertising had been traditionally handled. You might think that you could do it by yourself since you could be a direct creator on online platforms. The people who will be going online, surfing the websites, and using search engines will be walking on the streets looking at billboards and posters. So what you will present to them should be planned thoroughly, like how you would launch an ad campaign on the streets.

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