What You Need to Know About Air Source Heat Pumps

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Heat pumps are a great solution to heating homes and water supplies. Traditional heat pumps, however, can be expensive to operate and maintain. But did you know that there is a much better alternative? For individuals who want to heat their homes without having to spend much on utility bills, air source heat pumps are a great option.

Installers of air source heat pumps note that unlike traditional heating systems, these provide both heating and hot water solutions in one, making it cost-effective. Here are the other major benefits of using air source heat pumps for your home.

Energy Efficiency

Air source heat pumps are more energy efficient compared to other types of heating systems pumps. They utilise heat from the outside air to produce both heating and hot water for your home. This, in turn, lets you save money on power bills. Since you also do not need to install two separate systems for your heating and hot water needs, you get to save even more money, which you can otherwise for other household expenses.

These heat pumps provide heat at lower temperatures over longer periods of time. Instead of using electricity, you can rely on solar power or wind energy to power your air source heat pump at home.

Easy Installation and Maintenance

This type of heat pumps does not require much effort when it comes to installation since there is no need to dig outside your property. It also requires little maintenance. You just need to clean the unit every few months and have it serviced by a professional technician at least once a year. So you do not need to worry about having to pay for repairs now and then.

Longer Lifespan

Air source heat pumps also last longer. With proper maintenance, you can expect your home unit to last for up to 20 years. So you do not need to worry about having to get a replacement soon.

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Lower Carbon Emissions

Unlike other heat pump models, air source heat pumps produce lesser carbon emissions, especially since there is no burning of fossil fuels involved in the process. This makes it ideal for the environment since it releases less pollution into the air and reduces your carbon footprint as well. All of these efforts will contribute to the worldwide fight against global warming and climate change.


Air source heat pumps are popular for being versatile, especially when it comes to controlling the temperature inside your home. These heat pumps can heat your property during the winter season and even cool your home as soon as the summer season kicks in. Moreover, since they deliver heat at lower temperatures, they are your best option for your home’s underfloor heating needs.

If you are looking for a quality and efficient air source heat pump installation for your home, be sure to work only with a trusted contractor who has experience in not only the installation but also the operation of maintenance of this type of heating system. This will surely benefit you and your whole household in the years to come.

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