3 Reasons Why Most Women Struggle to Lose Weight

Woman with weight problems

Does it feels like after trying and doing every diet or exercise, nothing seems to work on your body? Well, you’re not alone to think that way. In fact, most women seem to have experienced that too. If you’re trying to figure out what causes this, a weight loss studio for women in Canton listed down some of the most common factors why you’re struggling to achieve your ideal weight.

It’s on the Genes

One of the most common reasons female struggle to shed off extra pounds is due to the makeup of their genes. Sometimes, no matter how hard they try, their metabolic process won’t simply respond to it. This is why it’s important that before you try any routine or diet plan, you must consult a dietician and your physician to help you come up with the best weight loss plan.

It’s All in the Mind

Woman sad about her weightAnother factor that can contribute to unsuccessful weight loss is the idea of wanting immediate results. Because of this, they opt to completely ignore the importance of the food pyramid, which causes the yo-yo dieting effect. This is a condition in where drastic weight loss is negated immediately when the weight comes back. When it comes to weight loss and fitness, doing this gradually at a consistent pace is an essential principle to keep in mind.

It’s in Human’s Physiology

It has been scientifically proven that men have faster metabolic process than women. A female’s body is designed to function on fewer calories. As men are often packed with muscles, it is easier for them to burn fat. That’s why if you want to get rid of those calories faster, you need to start toning your body and building more muscles in specific areas.

As you can see, there are many factors affecting women’s weight loss. However, with proper assessment and dietary plan, it’s possible to overcome them. The key is knowing your body and learning what you can do to achieve a healthier weight.

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