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What was the first thing you checked on your mobile phone today? More often than not, it’s a social media networking site. Most social networks have chat and messaging services, and they have replaced the SMS as the service of choice for many reasons.

This is already an irreversible trend and social media will continue to grow and spread. There is no way around it but to mount a social media campaign, so you can reach your target customers in cities like Los Angeles, California and Salt Lake City, Utah. There are SEO consultants who you can ask help from for your campaign, and they share some valuable insights.

Respond to People Personally and Do Not Rely on the Bot

Consultants would advise that you should engage your followers personally as much as you can. Many of them really seek information and confirmation, and they can really distinguish whether they are chatting with a human or just a bot.

Automation is allowed when posting, but when it comes to reacting and responding to real people, it is not admissible. They will soon question your sincerity and will no longer relate to your brand. In the worst case scenario, they may even unfollow your page. Therefore, it is important to respond to customers as soon as you can.

This also applies to complaints. Whether you have a hotline or not, there must be responses to social media. If you cannot attend this personality, this must be delegated to a good communicator. That is why companies have social media managers and consultants.

Social media is a serious game now and there is a lot of revenue at stake. This is already your Public Relations platform and big companies have entire departments and spend thousands of dollars just to ensure that their public image is not tarnished.

Social media is not a flash in the pan; it is here to stay in different ways and forms and it is always moving. That is why you cannot sleep on it. On that note:

Delegate or Get Additional Help

When you realize that social media is actually intensive, time-consuming and strategic, you may need to assign a dedicated employee to handle your social media pages. If you do not have the right man for the job, then you would have to seek out and hire or train someone to do it.

There are also social media marketing agencies that can handle your accounts and formulate your social media strategy. If you only have a small or medium sized business, you may take a look at some tools that can help with the social media management tasking.

Be Mindful of Your Visuals and Timing

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There are millions of website craving for a very short attention span, and your post is just one of them. Take note that when you post is also as important as what you post. There are actually ideal times wherein you can get the most possible engagement. That time schedule varies for each social network, and if you cater to an international audience, there is also the matter of time zones. Nevertheless, this is also another reality that a social media manager should be aware of.

Social media marketing is not a child’s play at all and there are strategies and rules that you need to follow to stay in the game. The returns are huge, though, so it is definitely worthwhile to plan and implement a good social media campaign.

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