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You can spend all your time and money fine tuning the littlest details on your website, and maybe it will pay off, but would it be worth it if you had to ignore more important aspects of the business? Success isn’t just about having a good-looking business website and a robust number of products. You can achieve so much more by, ironically, doing less.

Here’s how you can improve the usefulness of your content:

Use Different Formats

Businesses hardly thrive without the use of SEO services, and in Denver, where the competition is stiff, it’s not enough that you focus on the aesthetics of your website. You also need to come up with quality content and offer variations to keep customers from being bored. A blog, for instance, that is full of text posts, can use pictures and infographics from time to time.

Don’t want to mix and match the forms of content on your blog? Use different social media platforms instead. Sites such as Pinterest are geared towards images (and more recently, short videos and GIFs), while Twitter is better suited for shorter and more informal content. Instagram is also focused on images, but on top of that, you can use Stories for disappearing behind-the-scenes content.

Repurpose Content

man using his tablet and laptop while workingThe content you’ve published in the past does not have to sit there collecting dust. They can be updated in a fresh format so that you can post something new without necessarily having to do the whole research all over again. That is, of course, if the content is still relevant. For time-sensitive content, you will need to update your data to keep them relevant.

Come up with a series of posts to enhance their relevance with every new addition to the mix. Your previous content talking about your product’s performance last year can be connected to your latest post that talks about this year’s performance. Then, they can be a series of annual posts chronicling how you have improved or changed through the years.

Compile Existing Content

You’ve got a series of posts following the same format, linking to each part of the series to drive new traffic to them individually. But that’s still the same form of content. To turn existing content into something new, consider a compilation, such as a marketing video or an e-book. This can be posted on a different platform as well, which you can offer to new subscribers as a reward. You can even offer them for a one-time payment or as locked content users can only access once they’ve completed a series of steps (liking your page or post, for instance).

Here’s another twist: Collaborate with someone else so you can post existing content to a new platform in exchange for you posting content from your collaborator. This is a technique social media influencers use regularly. Choose someone who is well-known in the local community, so you can strengthen your local presence and improve your authority in the process.

It doesn’t take thousands of content to be successful. All you need is to let your content work smart for you.

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