Sports Watches: Celebrating Fitness Breakthrough

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In evaluating your body’s response, fitness monitoring is essential. Sports watches are not your average watches -they don’t just tell time. It’s an activity tracker that scans your body to show relevant fitness information such as heart rate, pulse rate, number of steps, calories burned, and many more

Sports watches are gaining popularity because of their sleek, classy, and practical use. Aside from tracking your progress as you perform your exercises, you can also match it with your outfit for the day. Get fashionably active as you choose among the various sports watches available in the market today.

The Science Behind Sports Watches

The perfect definition of a sports watch is complicated because of the wide range of fitness tracker capabilities. However, experts define a sports watch as merely what its name states- a fitness device you can use during sports.

It is a highly functional and durable device that comes as either waterproof or water-resistant. Often, it is shockproof and impenetrable to avoid unnecessary scratches and breakage during intense physical contact.

Types of Sports Watches

Sports watches come in various categories and features. There are traditional sports watches, while there are also innovative and high-technology ones. In short, a sports watch does not need to have all the features to be present on a single device.

We can also classify a sports watch depending on its external appearance. Nowadays, many digital sports watches have been dominating the market. However, some are still available with chronographs. These watches are mechanical and have a stopwatch function.

Choosing Your Sports Watch

In choosing the right sports watch to wear, we should consider several factors that we should consider. These are only some primary functions that you must be aware of when finding a perfect sports watch.


Depending on which sport you’re going to use, you should choose a sports watch that is suitable for your fitness activity. Some watches have unique features like a rotating bezel for diving watches, a speed and rotation counter for cycling watches, or a stopwatch for marathon runners. You must find the one that is functional enough and can withstand your movements as you go through your routine.


A good sports watch is one that you can read even at a distance. It should be easy to identify the text in various situations, from low-light to sunny locations. Some watches have a glow-in-the-dark feature, while some have an automatic illumination that adjusts with the entire screen depending on the brightness.

Tracking Features

GPS as shown in phone

Much like installing GPS in automobiles, sports watches play a critical role in location detection. It allows you to connect and be mindful of your whereabouts. With the help of smart telematics systems, this device can transmit signals to satellites and provide you with your accurate coordinates. Some models have mapping features that can guide you on the streets.

Water Resistance

Even if you are not going to swim, a sports watch should be water-resistant, if not waterproof. This feature prevents your accessory from wearing down due to sweat and remains functional even if it intentionally gets wet. It should also have proper sealing to avoid breaking off in case of dropping or intense pressure.

Safety Clasps

If you want to have extra protection on your sports watch, find the one with an additional safety clasp or buckle system. It is essential to prevent your watch from flying away as you perform your fitness routine and sports. There are also models with a supplementary locking mechanism that provides the watch more security on your wrist and prevents it from accidentally falling off.


Of course, who would want to have a sports watch that breaks off in the middle of an intense sports activity? As durability comes in all forms, you should ensure that your sports watch consists of high-quality materials that can last a lifetime.

Shock Resistance

It is essential to take note that your watch should not hinder you from maximizing your potential. It should be shock-resistant, so you won’t have to worry about it breaking or falling off as you perform intense sports activities.

Wrapping Up

Technology continuously paves the way for the creation of inventive and unconventional devices. True enough, sports watches have now evolved into having more sophisticated properties. Such devices are smartwatches and application-based accessories.

Nonetheless, a sports watch is your ideal fitness companion. You can wear it anytime, anywhere. It allows you to stay in tune with your body status at all times.


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