Let’s Be Honest, Your PC Setup Could Use Some Work!


We love gaming just as much as the next guy, but one common problem we keep running into is people refusing to upgrade their setups and losing out on a lot of performance uplifts that could be tapped and finished in just a few hours. And while we fully understand that the worldwide chip shortage is still crunching down numbers and causing supplies to run dry, we are actually in a much better spot today than what the PC components market looked like a couple of months ago.

Sure, some would argue that they’re perfectly fine with the way their machines work, and choosing to be content is a perfectly valid option, but because chipping a few bucks here and there can make a world of difference, then where’s the harm in trying? And so, to help our fellow gamers out there traverse the world of PC upgrades, we’ll be going over our top picks of what your desktop setup might need to stay future-proof.

#1 Double-Check Your Components

Firstly, no PC upgrade or overhaul can ever be complete without going through all your components and comparing which ones you can keep versus the parts that you should replace ASAP. Luckily enough, not much has changed with the current lineup from major manufacturers, but because most rigs made in early 2020 have some compromises, now’s your chance to change them.

  • Filling Up Your Extra RAM Slots: While most modern games won’t require you to push 32 GB of DDR4 memory, future-proofing your system by filling up extra RAM slots is an excellent choice, especially if you’ve been running on just one stick. Plus, with all the new triple-A titles coming out in 2021, it might even be necessary with how graphically demanding these games have become over the past few years.
  • Swapping Out For A Brand-New GPU: A lot of the muscle and power that’s driving your PC forward comes from the GPU, and if you’re among the people who had to settle for older Pascal Architecture and the like, it’s time you swap it out. Of course, there’s no denying that supplies are still difficult to come by and MSRP still remains to be seen, but snatching a deal has become all the more possible, especially if you have a Micro Center near you.

#2 Elevate Your Gameplay Experience With Better Peripherals

gaming monitor

Secondly, apart from your main PC components, nothing elevates your gameplay experience to a whole new level better than state-of-the-art peripherals to match your competitive appeal. Far too many people carry PC setups that have insane specs, but without the monitor, mouse, or keyboard to match it, so it’s time we sync their quality together.

  • Custom-Built Mechanical Keyboards: Although custom-built mechanical keyboards can get pricey, there are plenty of entry-level options you can experiment with to see where your taste in clacks or thoccs lies. And if you’ve been using mechanical-like switches your entire life, then making the jump to Cherry MX reds or browns will feel like an entirely new dimension to PC gaming.
  • Trying Out A Sleek Curved Gaming Monitor: No matter how beast of a GPU your setup is sporting, you won’t be getting the full performance from it without a solid gaming monitor to keep up with all those frames. So, if you’ve been sitting on the sidelines with the average 1080p 60Hz display, we strongly recommend trying out curved gaming monitors of 2021.

#3 Think Ergonomics And The Overall Setup

Last but not least, all those beautiful components and sleek new peripherals will go to waste if the environment and overall ergonomics of your gaming room are just out of touch. And while a casual desktop will do you good for the most part, upgrading to something better and customizing your space is a rite of passage every gamer must go through.

  • Tidy Up Your Bad Cable Management: We’re all guilty of slapping the cables to the back of the desk and not minding whatever happens so as long as the system boots, but if you’ve meant to upgrade the aesthetics of your setup, then tidying is necessary. Plus, you’ll be surprised at how much better everything will look with a few cable ties and some panels, which will also give you more room for your feet to rest.
  • Get More Space With A New Desktop Table: There’s nothing wrong with using an old desktop table for your computer, but if it’s been there for quite some time now and is showing its age, getting something new will help clear up a lot of space. Furthermore, you could also consider downsizing your rig into a MicroATX gaming PC to make room for other peripherals and have more space to maneuver around your desktop.

Don’t Hesitate To Add More To Your Setup!

Overall, there’s so much you can and upgrade on your setup with a bit of time and effort, so don’t let that beautiful PC go to waste by just settling for less. Plus, it might just be the one motivating factor you need to go pro!

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