Should You Buy the Latest Nvidia RTX 3000 Series Cards?


The day all of us PC tech enthusiasts have been waiting for has come, and right around the corner, we will finally get our hands on Nvidia’s RTX 3000 series video cards. It will be debuting the newest Ampere architecture, rocking more CUDA cores, even more memory, and faster boost clocks.

Without a doubt, these latest graphics cards will stomp out all the other competition, beating out the benchmark scores of RTX 2000 series cards, and even better Ray Tracing support. This release is sure to make waves across the realm of PC tech and make users want to get all that extra performance.

However, should you really go out of your way and get your hands on the RTX 3000 series right now?

Before you make that big decision, here are some things you generally want to consider first instead of immediately making the purchase. These critical points will help clarify if buying it now is a smart choice or if it’s best to wait it out.

Do You Need The Extra Performance?

First, you must ask yourself if you need all that extra boost in performance. What benefits will you reap from making this upgrade? Or are you just upgrading for the sake of getting the latest technology and no other purpose whatsoever?

Note that Nvidia’s top of the line RTX 3090 comes equipped with over 24 GB of GDDR6X memory and requires 350W of power to run. This beast of a graphics card is sure to run any high-intensive software with ease and might even match with all of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020’s demands. If you’re using light software or maybe a home theater PC, we can’t justify getting the latest RTS 3000 series cards. So, do consider what you’re going to use it for:

  • Gaming: While the 3000 series cards can guarantee you’ll be playing every single game at maxed-out settings with smooth FPS, getting them for gaming alone is overkill. Especially if you’re playing E-sports titles or casual battle royale games, the current graphics cards available in the market right now will do you just fine. In fact, if you’re already playing well and having fun right now, then there’s no reason to make the upgrade just yet.
  • Workstation: If you’re more engaged in high-intensive rendering, 3D modeling, and editing work, then the RTX 3000 series cards would make an excellent upgrade to your workstation. With all that extra power and performance, you will see that your PC can handle an even greater workload and get your work done in a faster time. Overclocking options will also let you squeeze out more of the graphics card’s potential.

Are You Using An Older System?

Second, is your current system relatively new and handling your everyday tasks and workload well? Or are you still stuck on an old PC that is over five years old and already seeing some wear and tear?

If your answers fall with the former, we strongly suggest that you hold off on purchasing RTX 3000 series cards. Your PC still has a long way to go and is functioning well, and if you’re experiencing some casual slowdowns, you might just need a quick call to professional tech support.

However, if you’re running quite the old system, it might just be the right time to collect parts for your new PC build. Especially if your workload requires heavy-duty performance, then adding in the Nvidia’s latest graphics cards will guarantee you a giant leap in performance.

Does The Price Fit Your Budget?


Third, and one of the most important things to consider, do the prices match your budget or make a dent to your bank account? While we’ve yet to receive a final confirmation on price, the RTX 3090 is hovering around the $1400 mark and is very pricey for the average consumer. Even bumping down a notch to RTX 3070 will still cost you around the $600 range.

So, if making the purchase will seep into more critical factors in your budget, then we strongly urge you to please hold off on your temptations. Buying them on release at full price, knowing that you can’t afford to make that investment, is a poor financial decision. And the last thing you’d want is having a great graphics card but nothing to eat!

Can The Upgrade Wait?

Last but not least, can this graphics card upgrade wait or not? With the release of new cards, the RTX 2000 series is guaranteed to come down in price and might offer you better deals. On top of that, Black Friday is coming, and so is the Christmas season, which can provide you with combos and price cuts for your purchases.

So, if you don’t’ necessarily need to make the upgrade, we advise you to wait and get the best performance for your money.


Overall, we are excited about the release and expect great things to come from the RTX 3000 series. But if you’re looking to upgrade immediately and make the purchase, our suggestion is to hold off, wait, and see what better options will arrive in the next few months.

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