Marketers on the Go: Top iOS Apps for Marketers

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As a marketer, you know too well that life gets pretty hectic. You juggle between drafting a marketing strategy and checking out the newest launches of your competitors. On top of that, you are also managing your team members and their milestones in a given project.

Thankfully, you have your iPhone with you. You can work conveniently anytime and anywhere. You can ensure productivity even if you are out of the office. But this is only possible when you are using the right apps. If you are looking to install apps that will help you manage your projects and increase productivity, here are some iOS apps you might want to install.


One of the most significant tasks that marketers should do is keeping tabs on current trends. This could be more than challenging, especially when your list and calendars are full, thus keeping you from scouring the web or reading newspapers to find interesting topics. Feedly can help you out! This content aggregator helps you quickly follow pages, video channels, and magazines, which will allow you to efficiently check news and stories that have something to do with your business.


When it comes to managing projects, you need to break things down into manageable pieces. That way, you will find it much easier to fulfill them or track them. In this aspect, you need to have a tool that will make it a breeze to track the progress of the people working on a given project. Trello is something that you might want to install on your iPhone. It also doubles as a calendar, so you will always be reminded when your deadlines are nearing.

Google Drive

Cloud is an integral business tool, and when it comes to this, Google Drive is a recommended app. It is not just a file-sharing tool, but it is also a collaboration application. Through Google Drive and its sister applications (Docs, Slides, Sheets), you can efficiently work with your employees, partners, and suppliers, such as your social media management agency, even when you are in different places and time zones.

Quora and Reddit

As a marketer, you have lots of questions on consumer behavior. You are always on the lookout for killer and unique market insights. When doing your own research, you can ask every man or your fellow professionals online. And the best venues are question-and-answer forums, such as Quora and Reddit. They can also be a good platform for those who want to share their knowledge.


Brands, suppliers, and marketing agencies are embracing remote work setups, and to support this change, leaders and employees are using video-call apps. One of the best that you can get out there is Zoom. What’s good about this is that it is simple and easy to use, and it is also designed perfectly for mobiles.

Keep exploring


Apple’s App Store has tons of apps that are waiting to be discovered. And it’s up to you to explore them and find the ones that will work with your business well. Never stop checking them out, and consider picking suggestions from your team members.


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