The Importance of Disposing Old Gadgets the Right Way

Old Cellphone

iPodEvery year, the world’s most famous consumer electronics brands compete against one another to win people over with their top-of-the line and entry-level models. Companies usually launch a set of releases for power users who need all the specs they can get, and another for those who can’t afford the high-ticket models but are in need of the basic features of a smartphone.

There are those who change phones yearly to stay up-to-date, setting aside their one-year-old device for a newer one. There are also online bloggers and personalities who receive demo units, so they can review devices prior to release to build up the hype. Some require the phones to be returned, while others simply allow the reviewers to keep the devices.

If this happens every year, imagine how much e-waste are left gathering dust at home or are being disposed of incorrectly. We’re only talking about smartphones here, but there are various e-waste that gets disposed — printers, smart watches, LCD Monitors, television sets, and so much more.

Worldwide, approximately 20-50 metric tons of e-waste are disposed every year. This is alarming and should drive everyone to do their part in recycling and disposing unused or damaged gadgets accordingly.

Look for a Recycler

Maybe you didn’t know they exist, but there are businesses that accept unwanted e-waste so they can recycle working parts and properly dispose of the remaining unusable parts.

All it takes is a simple Google search to find the ones near your area. It’s as simple as dropping off the devices. There are those who can buy the old devices from you regardless of whether they’re working or not, while some businesses allow you to drop the devices off at their location.

Trade-in Your Device for a Discount

There are brands like Apple who can take your old device and quote you for a discount for your next item from their line. This not only allows you to dispose your device properly, but you also save money for your next Macbook. The reason why Apple does this is to wipe your old device clean and refurbish it, so they can resell it to others who wouldn’t be able to afford the original retail price of the newer models.

Some printer brands like HP also have this initiative running. If you go to their main office with your old, broken printer, they can give you a voucher for a discount on your next HP printer.

The next time you think about tossing your gadgets in the trash, remember that there are other ways to dispose of them which are beneficial for the environment.

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