How to Improve a Business’s Unified Communications

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Businesses no longer rely solely on traditional phone system as a means of communication. Instead, more and more companies are maximizing the different features offered by phone system providers.

Unified communications (UC) refer to cloud-based hosted business communications systems involving a single interface and capable of working across different devices and channels. Employees have the opportunity to communicate and engage in business relations with customers and other employees without necessarily being in the office.


Unified communications have become possible with the emergence and growing popularity of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and cloud-hosted services.

Traditional landline phone systems could only make and receive calls. Since then, communications capabilities have improved to streamline a business’s internal communications. Unified communications systems have the ability to combine tools and features like phone service, video conferencing, and group messaging into a single integrated platform. With this, collaboration can come easy. The technology allows for the immediate connection and conferencing between multiple people at multiple locations.

Benefits of Unified Communications Systems

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VoIP phone systems and other forms of unified communications are more relevant and beneficial in today’s fast-moving tech-driven world.  Employees are given the flexibility to work from home, on the road, or in a coffee shop, depending on a business’ guidelines.  With UC systems, productivity and efficiency will be unaffected regardless of work location.  They may even allow employees to work remotely from a different city or country.

App Overload

App overload is a concept that refers to the use of multiple communication apps on a regular basis. Employees can waste a lot of time constantly shifting between them.

Unified communications allow employees access to multiple communication tools while on a single platform. This capability increases productivity, reduces confusion, and promotes efficiency in the workflow. There is also a reduced amount of set-up time and less IT concerns when it comes to managing the interface.

This will have a positive impact on the company’s growth and productivity.

IT Management

When a UC platform is implemented across an organization, this means all features and applications are working under a single central management. The elimination of third-party applications and management of several platforms means a reduced risk of security threats. It is, essentially, easier to manage a single system than to monitor multiple individual apps.


In addition, a unified communications system is cost-effective. Businesses only have to invest in a single system for a package with several tools and features.

Future of Unified Communications Systems

There is still room for the unified communications sector to grow. One avenue is with greater integration and connectivity between a phone system and the existing programs and apps already used within the business.

It is expected that future advancements in the internet of things, information technology, and mobile solutions will further improve the way UC systems are used in a business. Workflow becomes smoother with streamlined communications, improved customer interactions, and greater ease of access to important data and tools.  UC systems have the potential to propel a business into expanding their remote workforce and going global.

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