Short-form Videos: How They Are Taking Over the Internet

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Unless you have been steering clear of social media, you must have already come across short-form videos. You probably just encountered them under a different name. Reels, Shorts, or Spotlights—these have emerged as the great new internet trend of today.

When the events of 2020 kept us in our homes, it facilitated the boom of the social media platform TikTok. The company even reported that there were around 50 million daily active users in the United States alone by August of that year. Some might have brushed it off as a fad back then, but late into 2021, and it’s safe to say that it has become an irreplaceable part of the online experience.

But you may be asking: why should I be paying attention? Here’s what to know.

Why It Remains Relevant Today

The quick, jumpy format of short-form videos has only grown more popular these days. These are some reasons why it still works.

1. It understands what audiences prefer

Videos are so accessible today. Whether you are mindlessly scrolling through your newsfeed or needing a five-minute break from work, there is no lack of video content on social media.

But since there are so many videos to choose from, people only stick to something that keeps them entertained or piques their interest. Short-form videos are a great response to these expectations that people have. They are short, straightforward, and often inject humor or pop culture references into the mix.

Content creators have also been using their chosen platforms to accomplish different goals. Some go viral for dance and singing challenges. Others reach people for their informative and socially aware content.

2. It has allowed businesses to diversify marketing

Short-form videos are often informal, which means they take a lot less time to produce than a brand’s usual ad or infomercial. Since businesses don’t have to pool too many resources on creating high-quality ad content, they can focus on other ways to sell their goods and services.

Businesses can now use short-form videos as a supplement to other parts of their marketing strategies. For instance, real estate agents can reach many buyers through real estate email marketing services. Still, adding short-form content to their social media pages can increase their business’s online saturation.

When done effectively and thoughtfully, brands can capture their target market and gain the attention of even more audiences through these short clips. They can convert people into loyal customers so long as they mind the quality and consistency of their posts.

3. It gives real people more visibility

Another great thing about short-form videos is that everything is largely user-driven. It gives people greater control over what they post and lets them dictate what becomes a trend through their activity. These spaces where people post their videos work as a constant exchange of content between people.

Businesses have also found a way to use these in promoting their products. For example, influencers post branded or sponsored content to support a brand launch.

Casual users also participate in this by posting about the products they love and tagging brands on such content. Brands leverage these by sharing posts on their pages, allowing actual users to promote their products on behalf of the business.

Where to Find Short-form Content

These are some top sources of short-form content to find inspiration from if you want to try it for personal or business purposes.

1. TikTok videos

TikTok is the most popular platform for short-form content today. This is the usual source for viral dance challenges that find their way into pop-cultural references. One example is how a TikTok user Haley Sharpe’s choreography for Doja Cat’s “Say So” became so popular that the artist herself invited her to dance it for the song’s music video.

2. Instagram Reels

Reels are fairly new to Instagram, only being launched mid-last year. They work similarly to TikTok videos, except users can share their Instagram Reels on their Stories to increase visibility. They are also conveniently located in the middle of an account’s profile tabs, which shows how central it has become to the platform.

3. YouTube Shorts

The newest on the list, Shorts were just launched in early 2021. It has similar features to TikTok videos and Instagram Reels, but it is still in its early stages in terms of functionality. However, with its recent collaboration with K-pop supergroup BTS, it is proving to be a strong contender.

With the most widely used social media sites today joining the short-form video movement, there is no doubt that it has become a definitive part of our social media lives.

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