Digital Transformation in Top Industries amidst the Pandemic

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Digital transformation has become a buzzword during the COVID-19 crisis. In fact, the pandemic has further hastened the adoption of digital tools and technologies. Many businesses from various industries have seen the need for digital transformation and technological innovation. Why? Most people, especially consumers, have gone digital due to the pandemic restrictions.

Fortunately, this digital transformation proves to be beneficial in a handful of ways. Both businesses and consumers can take advantage of these digital tools and technologies. They make business processes and applications more seamless, accurate, and efficient. On the other hand, they make the lives of consumers easier, better, and more convenient.

Let’s take a look at the digital transformation in the top industries during the pandemic.

1. Health Sector

The COVID-19 pandemic is a global health crisis. As such, expect the health sector to be the most affected. As the various strains of the novel coronavirus pose a threat to health and life, the industry has been looking for ways to address the problem.

Thanks to digital tools and technologies, the health sector has found alternatives for medical checkups, diagnoses, and treatments. These alternatives include telehealth, virtual medical consultation, remote patient monitoring, online medication dispense, and digital claim filing.

2. Retail Industry

Did you know that the e-commerce industry has flourished during the pandemic? Sure, this online retail sector has long been thriving before the COVID-19 outbreak. However, its sales revenue has boomed by leaps and bounds because of the pandemic. In addition, many physical stores have transitioned to a click-and-mortar business due to COVID-19 restrictions.

As such, we have seen the rise of virtual shopping and online groceries performed via e-commerce platforms. Even virtual reality and augmented reality get incorporated into these platforms for an enhanced online shopping experience.

3. Education Sector

It’s appalling and dismaying to know that children have been out of the classrooms during the pandemic. A year after, some schools have remained closed in some parts of the world. A few others have managed to reopen.

Fortunately, digital tools and technologies have come to the rescue. Students can learn through online education via Zoom, Google Meet, and even social media channels. Teachers usually hold online classes while providing modules and offering alternative modes of learning. The pandemic is indeed reshaping the education sector.

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4. Construction Industry

While most of the industries have suffered in the pandemic, the construction industry has boomed. Why? Many households have pursued home improvement projects. Some homeowners also hired landscaping services to improve their outdoor spaces. Even property managers have thought about renovating their commercial establishments during lockdowns.

It is good that the construction industry is the first to undergo digital transformation. Most construction firms have considered automation in their construction processes and taken advantage of IoT for real-time communication and collaboration. They even go as far as using construction robots, drones, wearables, extended realities, and 3-D printing.

5. Aerospace Sector

The aerospace sector has come a long way in terms of digital transformation. This sector includes space exploration, general aviation, military, defense, and even missile launch. That said, we have seen so much growth and progress in aviation as the world has become a global village. And the industry will continue to go beyond planet Earth and explore outer space.

Some digital tools and technologies used in the industry include automation, artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, and sensory. Others are simulated data and multiphysics simulations, more electric aircraft (MEA), and mergers and acquisitions in aerospace. Even the aerospace SRAM technology is used for long-lasting data in electronic devices.

6. Real Estate Industry

The real estate industry has long been booming as people buy, sell, and invest in properties. Sure, it may slow down a bit during this pandemic. However, there is no sign of stopping the industry. Thanks to the use of digital tools and technologies!

In fact, we have seen the rise of virtual tours as an alternative to open houses. Even real estate agents perform their duties and responsibilities online. They reach out to their clients and negotiate with the other parties via digital channels. Even the promotion of properties entails the use of virtual reality to attract potential buyers.

There is no denying how the COVID-19 pandemic has hit various industries worldwide. But thanks to digital tools and technologies, these help businesses and consumers cope with pandemic situations.

Most importantly, we have seen a significant digital transformation in different industries, from the health industry and the education sector to the real estate industry. This digital transformation will ultimately reshape our future.

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