The Role of Technology in Implementing Compliance at Work


Rules are important to keep everything in order. Businesses follow certain rules and regulations to keep order in the workplace. These rules are mandated by the government and the companies need to abide by them. Or else, the business will face a lot of reprehension from the authorities.

Non-compliance of a company can cost a huge amount of money for a business. This is why it’s important to always be compliant in the workplace. Compliance may sound very technical for most employees of a company. This is why businesses look for ways to relay rules and regulations to their people.

Technology has played a huge role in maintaining compliance in the workplace. This has made it possible to streamline compliance roll out to the employees in a way that they can understand. Here are some ways technology helped businesses maintain compliance:

Maintaining the quality of work

Most, if not all companies pledged to become a business embodying integrity. These businesses make sure that they’re delivering what they’ve promised to their clients. The quality of work is one of the things business enterprises always keep an eye on. Focusing on the quality of work is a task that needs cooperation from the ground up. Technology made it easier for all the employees of a company to be calibrated with the kind of quality they should bring to their clients.

Training can be done online now with minimal help from a proctor. These online training sessions are optimized for employee learning. This way, it’ll be easier for the employees to digest the subject. It also makes compliance topics more understandable for entry-level workers. While there’s training for the employees, the quality control team also does its job.

Companies use software that monitors operations. These operations will be monitored by the quality control team afterward. Quality of work is essential to keep your clients loyal. Good thing technology can ease the maintenance of work quality in the workplace.

Data protection and file-sharing

A data breach is costly and may bring your business down to the grave. IBM reports that data breaches today can cost up to more than $4 million. Not to mention the penalties businesses may incur if customers’ information were compromised. This is why companies have implemented a more digital approach when it comes to data protection and file sharing. For starters like small businesses, they use widely available platforms.

Programs such as Google Docs and Office 365 allow users to create files and collaborate in a document. Enterprises also take advantage of more sophisticated software specially made for business use. Microsoft Outlook gets the work done when it comes to safe file sharing through emails. Cloud-based servers have also introduced a new way for companies to secure internal data. Technological advancements have paved the way for more secure file-sharing practices for businesses.

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Updated workplace policies

With constant changes in federal work policies, employees should always be up to date. This should be a priority or else, the company will pay a large fine. That’s why companies always remind their employees of proper work practices. You may be seeing those laminated policies displayed on the office walls. There’s a company that does them. Those comprehensive labor law posters are made by companies that promise to give businesses updated federal work policies.

If an update needs to be rolled out, these companies would just send out a new poster that businesses can print out. They can do this process through email. This can save time and money for both parties. Compliance in the workplace can also be relayed to the employees through online training. Regular training for all employees can reduce instances of non-compliance. Technology can help save businesses from breaking the law.


Making payments to employees is crucial. Businesses can be reprimanded if they’re not paying their people correctly. Aside from this, they can also be punished if they’re not paying the right amount of taxes. This is why software intelligence has been utilized for payroll purposes. Most payroll programs receive updates whenever changes in tax amounts happened. This way, the company can remain compliant in paying federal taxes and obligations. These programs can also be synced with the latest Paid Family & Medical Leave guidelines.

This is for the accurate computation of paid leaves and salary. It’s a must for a company to avoid tax errors and mistakes in salary deductions. It’s going to cost them a lot if ever complaints were raised. Thanks to programs for payroll processes, manual human errors can be corrected.

Modern technology has helped a lot of industries to remain compliant. Compliance maintenance is one of those tasks companies must not ignore. Good thing that developers have worked hard to give compliance a focus. They’re a great help in making sure that businesses and enterprises are law-abiding.

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