Brighten Up the Winter

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It may be cold and dark outside, but there are ways to bring a sparkle to the winter, and brighten the days of other people. Nothing warms the heart like a good smile from a stranger, or a loved one, and nothing gives a smile a zing like pearly whiteness. Teeth become dull and discoloured over the years as coffee, tea, red wine and other highly pigmented foods leave tiny traces of pigment trapped in the pores of tooth enamel. They are easily removed though, with teeth whitening in Camden.

Teeth whitening in Camden is one of the most popular ways to brighten up a smile. It can be done quickly or slowly, and it enhances smiles without having to undergo any kind of invasive procedure. Teeth whitening is offered by most dental clinics, including Ace Dental.

Most dentists also give patients a choice as to how they would like to have their teeth whitened, either in the clinic or at home. Both have advantages that the other does not offer.

It is recommended to have a deep clean first to remove any hardened plaque that would get in the way of the whitening gel.

Whitening at home

This way of teeth whitening in Camden is a slow and subtle process that takes 2 or 3 weeks to complete. The patient starts by having an appointment at the dentist to get a set of bespoke gel trays made. These trays fit the teeth exactly so that there is maximum contact between the gel and the teeth, and much less chance of spillage. The patient wears the gel-filled trays for a short period every day until the desired shade of white is achieved. The big plus with this method is that the treatment is easily topped up by just by buying some more gel.

Whitening in-clinic

This uses a much stronger gel and it only takes around an hour to reach the desired shade of white. The gel is painted directly onto the teeth once the lips and gums have been protected by a plastic barrier. This is a great treatment if the patient needs to look great for an important event taking place in the very near future.

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