Are Dental Implants the Solution for Everyone?

Closeup photo of a dental implant

When a tooth has been lost, thanks to a relatively new treatment called dental implants, it no longer means a permanent gap or a wobbly false tooth. Dental implants in Southampton are tiny titanium screws that replace the roots of teeth. Since the body believes titanium to be part of itself, the jawbone and gum grow happily on and around the screw, creating a stable, durable foundation for crowns or dentures to be fixed to.

These little miracles of the dental world offer a real solution to missing teeth, however, are dental implants in Southampton  suitable for everyone? A dental implant dentist, such as Smilemakers Dental Implant Clinic, will assess anyone interested in receiving dental implants, providing a thorough work-up of the oral and physical health of the patient. This is conducted to ensure the titanium implant will successfully integrate into the jawbone after surgery.

All-round good health required for implants

Dental implants in Southampton are, generally speaking, suitable for anyone with good oral and general health. Good oral health includes a mature jawbone with sufficient density to allow successful implantation. This automatically disqualifies anyone under 18 from treatment, a denture or bridge can be a temporary solution in the interim.

Jawbone density is significant for implant integration. So, patients who have low density jawbones may also be disqualified from treatment, especially if combined with other physical health factors or lifestyle choices such as heavy smoking.

In some circumstances, low density jawbone issues can be treated through bone grafts or sinus lifts. It is likely that smokers will be asked to reduce or stop smoking, firstly to improve the overall health, then to support the healing process. Although stopping smoking can be a difficult, lengthy process, it will be worth it when the full function and cosmetic impact of dental implants in Southampton are experienced.

Gum health will also need to be examined, as gum disease is a significant factor in the failure of implants. However once this has been treated, surgery can go ahead, and the patient is likely to be back to crunching through apples and eating rib eye steak once again.

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