A Beginners Guide to a Gaming PC

PC Centric offers A Beginner’s Guide to PC Gaming. It covers all aspects of starting, which includes deciding to buy or build.

This presentation’s host starts by sharing the advantages of PC over console gaming. For instance, PC gamers can switch back to older operating systems compatible with legacy games.

Playing the same game can continue for as long as a person’s older computer functions.

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It buys time until marketers release a remastered version of a favorite game.

PC gaming didn’t always match the quality of consoles in the past. However, it continues to improve, and one advantage is spiking frame rates past 100 fps (frames per second). Most titles made for computers allow this function.

PCs also provide connections to large displays not compatible with some consoles. Additional advantages involve using either a mouse or a controller – a personal choice every gamer has the freedom to make.

Some strategy games also play better on the PC than on a console. This doesn’t mean users can play games on just any computer. Every gaming experience requires a CPU and graphics chip more powerful than, for example, a PC used just for composing text documents.

Additional topics explored in this beginning PC gamer’s guide: choosing the right computer parts, attributes of a “good” PC, and even a word about building a gaming PC. This is not for the fainthearted, but for the most dedicated ones, this experience is worth it.

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