2019 Summer Fashion Trends to Look Out For

Woman holding two dresses

2019 is an exciting year for summer fashion. Before you hit the nearest women’s clothing boutique in your area, here’s a compilation of the hottest summer trends that you should add on your shopping list.

The 80’s are (Still) Making a Comeback

Puff shoulders, oversized blazers and tailored suits are still going to be hot this year. For look inspirations, think Princess Diana, Joan Collins or Melanie Griffiths’ character in the movie, Working Girl. Looking back, these trends may seem awkward, hilarious or horrifying but luckily, they have resurfaced in a more modern, toned-down versions of the originals.

Leopard prints are still going to be in style. You can unleash your animal instinct by wearing leopard print pants, coats, dresses or jumpsuits or accessorizing with leopard print bags or shoes.

Striking neon shades of green, blue, red and yellow are also making a comeback. It would be completely understandable if you will be attending a wedding or celebrating your Sweet 16 in bold and bright hues. If you’re feeling a little playful, you can also highlight your look with lace trims or a decorative bow.

The 90’s are Also Here to Stay

Cargo pants and shorts will be working the streets this summer season. Cargo pants are available in cropped, wide-leg or straight-leg styles and can be paired with your favorite white tee. Shorts cut a few inches above the knee, like cycling shorts, are also in style. You can wear them under a blazer and then you can cinch your waist with a nice belt for a tailored look. Complete your look with a pair of boots or pumps and you’re ready to strut the streets in style.

Boiler Suits

Boiler suits are those one-piece protective suits worn in manual labor. They look like loose-fitting jumpsuits with long sleeves and can be fastened using buttons, zippers or Velcro. Boiler suits on this year’s fashion forecast are available in short-sleeved and more fitted varieties, allowing you to choose one that will create a slimming silhouette.

Tie-Dye, Beige and Lavender Hues

Dye colors for a shirtAside from the neon colors of the 80’s, you can also expect a throwback to the hippiedom with the re-emergence of tie-dye fashion.

Dresses, shirts, skirts and shoes in neutral, earth tones and soft, lavender hues will also be filling the racks of many clothing stores.

Ruched and Ruffled

Textured designs in the form of ruched or ruffles. When carefully positioned, ruching and ruffles can be figure-flattering, adding curves to your slim figure or subtly concealing the bulges that you want to hide.


Mini-bags or shrunken bags that have enough space for your phone or credit card (and lipstick, maybe?) are the favorite hand bags of the season. It may not provide enough storage space for your beauty necessities, but at least you won’t be ending up with a sore shoulder.

Bucket hats are coming back this season. Bucket hats are versatile, allowing you to wear them with wide-leg pants and a blazer ensemble, a jumpsuit or your favorite summer dress.

Fortunately, some of these styles can be found in your mom’s or older sister’s closets. However, if you’re planning to build a whole new wardrobe, you now know what trends you have to keep on your radar when you go out shopping.

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