What Do Conveyancing Solicitors in Portsmouth Do?

Conveyancing solicitor with a client

Many people go through life having minimal contact with the law. There may be the odd speeding fine, or a ticking off for being drunk and disorderly, but for most of us, the only time we need a solicitor is for those big, life-changing moments such as buying a house. Buying a house isn’t something we do every day, so we don’t get the chance to be practised at it or know all the ins and outs. This is why it’s essential to call in the help of a professional.

In Portsmouth, conveyancing solicitors have the legal knowledge to navigate the tricky waters of securing a mortgage and buying a house. Local firms such as Andrew & Andrew can be an expert guide through this process.

First time buyers may not even have heard the term conveyancing before and could be completely in the dark as to what this means. Break it down and it’s actually very simple. Conveyancing is the term used in England and Wales to describe the process of transferring the deeds of a house from one party to another. Only a qualified professional can carry this work out. The buyer and seller’s conveyancing solicitors in Portsmouth communicate with each other on their clients’ behalf and draw up the new deeds of ownership.

It doesn’t matter what type of property or contract is under the hammer. It could be a house, flat, land, shared ownership or right to buy scheme or a buy to let: conveyancing solicitors in Portsmouth provide the link between buyer and seller and can also liaise with local estate agents if needed.

Conveyancing solicitors in Portsmouth can act for the buyer or seller of a house, and they can also help those who want to re-mortgage, release or transfer equity, draw up a joint ownership agreement or any other type of property contract.

When choosing conveyancing solicitors in Portsmouth, home buyers are advised to look for those with a mark of quality. All conveyancing solicitors are regulated by the Law Society, but not all are given membership of the Conveyancing Quality Scheme, which is awarded to those firms who show excellence in residential conveyancing.

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