The Best Loved Productivity Applications to Try

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The best productivity apps can streamline work by combining functions in one place to ensure individuals and organizations can work better and efficiently, instead of using various software platforms.

If you’re a busy professional working in the PPC services industry or a physician dealing with hectic schedules, you’ll need some tools and apps to help you through your busy work week. Here are a few that can help you out.

Microsoft 365

Microsoft Office is the most popular productivity that tool that almost everyone is using. It provides several tools such as Word, Excel, Outlook, and Powerpoint, streamlining most tasks, including spreadsheets, presentations, and email creations. Additionally, OneDrive provides online savings and backups to your sensitive data. While there are plenty of alternatives to MS Office, many people still stick with this comprehensive application. Whether you’re an individual or a team leader looking to simplify tasks for better productivity, Microsoft 365 is a great choice.

Apple Shortcuts

This application is one of the best productivity tools for anyone with iOS devices, allowing anyone to create automated processes, which is a series of events automatically happening when triggered. For instance, you can create one saying, “When I get to the office, switch my phone to silent mode automatically.” It saves you from worrying about the smaller tasks and focuses on the bigger ones, enhancing your overall productivity.

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Asana is a productivity tool that keeps track of your employees’ work while getting the best possible results. When you use the platform, you can make to-do lists for ongoing projects and set reminders for upcoming deadlines. It’s your one-stop app for collaboration projects, helping your team stay organized while facilitating conversations, and keeping everyone updated.


This is a note-taking app that provides broad uses. It allows you to store essential ideas in it for work or your favorite recipes. It can capture notes by writing, audio, taking photos, uploading PDFs, and sketches. The app works best for individuals looking to improve their “personal productivity.”


This app provides an array of robust business tools ranging from collaboration to instant messaging. The application streamlines all the typically complex processes, including logging communications and sending emails automatically through the app. It also offers detailed reports that keep you current on everything going around, allowing you to focus on significant tasks on hand, improving productivity.


IFTTT means ‘if this, then that.’ It’s a website and smartphone application that anyone can use to make custom automated processes between online services and devices. It does small tasks such as saving copies of tagged photos to your Dropbox and sends texts to your SMS number when you have an upcoming schedule. In essence, IFTTT does small tasks like these for you, giving you more energy and time to focus on bigger jobs.


Once up and running, this free and private tool allows you or your team access and use remote devices as if you’re sitting in front of them. TeamViewer enables you to hold web meetings with video, audio, and text chat, files sharing, and more, streamlining your organization’s projects. This app’s latest update includes a screen sharing feature on iOS devices and a one-click login while cutting data usage up to 80%.

Get more things done by trying any of the productivity tools mentioned, allowing you to organize your digital, personal, and work-life, whether at home or the office — helping you to reach the peak of your productivity and ultimately success.

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