Taking Photos for an Ad Campaign Using Your Mobile Phone

taking a photo of food

Digital advertising is inescapable. The internet has become an avenue for advertisers to promote their products. Billboards may not have become obsolete yet. But it looks like online ad campaigns are taking over. They are unstoppable.

Since the internet is a public domain, most people can access it. The online world is so accessible everyone can run advertisements on it. More than $350 billion were spent on digital advertising in 2020, according to reports. This figure says so much about how profitable advertising on the internet is.

Advertising online is inexpensive. You can even do it for free if you already have an established audience. This is why small businesses are taking advantage of the platform.

Small businesses have a limited budget. They’re mostly relying on innovative creatives to shoot their campaign ads. Right now, studios aren’t the only ones capable of producing studio-grade ad materials. You can also do something close to it if you want to market your small business online.

All you need is a capable phone. Get ready to shoot your ad campaign by following some of these mobile phone camera tips and tricks.


If you’re promoting a particular landscape in your hometown, you can use your phone to shoot it. One thing you can do for a dramatic shot is wait for the sunset before shooting. If you feel like the view would give its full potential under the sunlight, then shoot it in the morning. It’s going to be up to you when to do the shoot.

If you’re wondering about the wide and ultra-wide modes of your camera, this is the best time to use them. These modes can make your camera capture a wider field of view. It’s helpful, so you can squeeze in more of the landscape you’re shooting.

If the natural lighting isn’t satisfying, you can utilize your phone’s default editor. Adjust brightness and exposure for more corrected lighting. You can use apps such as Lightroom or VSCO to fix the colors by applying preset color-graded filters. Now that’s how you attract tourists with a beautiful landscape shot.

Individual items

Shooting still objects requires the use of focus. Start first with preparing your subject. In this case, it’s going to be the item you’re advertising. Place the item in a steady stand against a backdrop of your choice. Open the camera. Tap and hold a spot on your phone screen where you want the camera to focus.

You can also adjust exposure while fixing the focus. You can then leave the background blurry for a dramatic shot. This will emphasize your main subject. If you own an iPhone 7 Plus and up, you can also use your camera’s portrait mode. This will make it easier for you to apply depth-of-field to your photographs.

taking a photo of person jumping into the ocean


You may have a property you’re renting out or a house that’s up for sale. Taking stunning photos of them is one of the best ways to attract people to come to your place. For structures or establishments, you have to make sure first that they look their best. Photoshop may not be able to fix visible chips and cracks in your property’s walls. Beautify your subject first by making improvements.

Perhaps, painting the walls using eye-catching colors or applying products for a decorative concrete overlay finish. Since your subject is outside, you’ll need to make good use of sunlight. Shoot the subject in its most flattering angles. Fix the perspective after the shoot. You can use apps like Snapseed or the default iPhone photo editor.

If you’re taking pictures of the interior, shoot the rooms from an angle that’ll make them look spacious. You can create this effect by lowering the eye level and shooting it in wide lens mode. Now, you’re ready to show your property to the world.


Photographing food involves design. You may have seen how many hoto ocosmetic makeovers foods need to undergo just for a professional photoshoot. Since you’re doing a low-budget version of the shoot, you will spend time designing the plate instead. You have to make sure to cook the food correctly. You’re going to rely on the food’s most authentic look. This is in contrast to the highly-produced photos in professional food advertisements.

Food garnishments will also do the trick. Try shooting in natural light or light that’s not oversaturated. Take photos from different angles. You can do the conventional top view or an angle where cast shadows are slightly shown. Play with colors and adjust vibrancy after the photoshoot. For fresh foods, make them look naturally fresh. For cooked foods, make them appear like they were just recently cooked. Meats should look meaty, and desserts should look refreshing.

Spending some on a professional photoshoot can help creatives earn. But if you’re tight on budget, you can try taking photos by yourself. You can follow these tips and shoot decent pictures for your next ad campaign.

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