Proper Ways to Varnish a Wooden Furniture

Close up section of a piece of wood

Furniture and other wooden parts of the home are usually preserved through varnishing. Depending on the kind of varnish coating you apply, it enhances the beauty of your wooden furniture and at the same time protect it from liquid spillage that could cause deterioration. The beauty and protection the varnish brings heavily rely on how you properly prepare the furniture before you start applying the coating.

Some tools you may need for the job

Varnishing materials like sandpaper, paint pan, warm water, paint brushes, newspapers, pieces of small cloths, and your choice of wood varnish are the basic things to do the job. Since you will be sanding the furniture, you mayconsider utilising a dust collector to prevent wood dust from scattering everywhere. Wearing a glove, old clothes, and face mask is highly advisable because you are working with chemicals.

Remove the furniture old finish and smoothen its surface with sandpaper. Thoroughly wipe off wood dust or debris left on the furniture with a damp cloth to prevent it from making unsightly bumps or bubbles after your varnish coating dries. Spread out old newspapers and make it your working space to prevent varnish from staining your floor.

Once prepared, the coating process is easy

Shake the varnish container to evenly mix its contents inside before you pour it on a paint pan. When you start applying the first coating, ensure that your brush strokes are in one place for it to have consistency until you fully covered the whole furniture. Let the first coating dry and start applying the second coating. Although it is advisable to apply ample amount of coating, make sure it is evenly applied to avoid unsightly varnish patches. Then once your second coating has dried, you may want to look for small uneven varnish spots and varnish it with a piece of cloth.

Proper wooden varnishing relies on how well you prepare your furniture for coating. Once prepared, you will find coating an enjoyable task as it is as simple as applying paint.

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