Online Customer Service: How Businesses Can Take Customer Service to the Next Level

Running an e-commerce business gets more challenging every year as competition continues to grow as well. One key to standing out in the market is by offering excellent online customer service. Today, most businesses are focusing on improving their digital processes and services as more and more consumers are choosing to purchase online.

Excellent online customer service can help you improve brand exposure, wherein you can easily promote your products and services. The best part is, you get to boost customer retention, which is better for your sales. Studies show that repeat customers don’t just make you spend less on operating costs; they’re also more likely to spend more on your business. Continue reading to find out how your brand can maintain perfect online customer service.

1. Introduce Co-browsing to Customers

Suppose your customer service team is still not using a visual engagement solution. In that case, this is the time to invest in one. One excellent option for upgrading customer interaction is co-browsing. This solution effectively and seamlessly resolves queries, which is crucial for creating a better buyer journey and higher conversion rates. Your customer representative will co-browse with the customers facing issues like technical problems on navigating your website. If you have complex processes or forms that buyers should fill up, your team can guide them using co-browsing. With such a solution, you can remove the customer’s uncertainty when buying your products.

2. Make Customer Service More Accessible

The next important thing to work on is meeting the accessible customer service standard. Serving individuals with disabilities can make your brand more trustworthy and reliable for the entire market. For instance, you can invest in accessibility solutions like communication software for hard-of-hearing customers. These programs are easy to implement without any special equipment or training necessary. Plus, they are also fit for non-English speakers as they generally use captioned calls.

Besides this, you can offer extra helpful measures to local customers by providing a smooth delivery or carry-out service. You can also remove a huge communication barrier by training your team with basic sign language. This might not seem useful for online customer support, especially with chat services. But this is essential in your physical stores. Finally, don’t forget to learn proper etiquette when communicating online with customers who are hard of hearing or deaf. A perfect example is always facing the individual when talking so they can try to read your lips.

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3. Have a Strong Product Foundation

Indeed, online customer support can provide your representatives with more time to research the concerns of customers. Phone support or in-person communication doesn’t offer that advantage. However, that doesn’t mean your representatives should rely solely on online research or documentation when helping the customers.

Resting on your laurels can cause a strain on customer engagement and loyalty. Your team must know the ins and outs of your brand. This isn’t just a way to show how well you know your products and services, but to also allow you to assist them better and faster. Even seasoned forward-facing staff still require collaboration with other experts like designers and engineers in more complete discussions.

4. Provide a Lenient Refund Policy

If done right, a money-back guarantee offer can do wonders for brand trust and revenue. It’s like ensuring your customers that they’ll get their money’s worth, encouraging more individuals to try the offered products and services. Marketing campaigns aren’t enough to make your brand stand out. You also need a proper refund policy to which customers can refer.

It should be easy to read and understand, so avoid using complicated legal jargon. Use formats like bullet lists to outline return options, deadlines, and eligibility requirements. You can utilize a Terms of Services page for the complex refund terms and legal jargon. Furthermore, try to keep your policy lenient and flexible. You can offer a no-questions-asked or 30-day guarantee to impress your customers better.

5. Strengthen Your Reps’ Skills

A competent customer service team can provide fantastic support even on the most challenging problems. First off, your reps should be consistent, empathetic, and patient when attending to the customers’ concerns. They should also be versatile in handling different customer issues and moods. Remember that each customer has different preferences and standards.

Your support team should also prioritize clear communication at all times. They should stay professional and friendly and use positive language when talking to customers. At the same time, they must be knowledgeable enough to answer customer concerns clearly and in detail.

Lastly, your customer representatives should also have thick skin when receiving negative feedback or blame from the customers. It’s part of customer service that is crucial for brand growth and success.

The image of your brand significantly relies on the quality of your customer service. When you provide an experience that can lead to happy customers, you can expect brand loyalty and generate higher revenue. Keep these tips in mind to ensure you deliver on this end.

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