Latest Home Technologies: Comfort and Protection

The world is constantly changing, and the way we live in it with it. In this fast-paced age, technology has become an integral part of our lives, shaping how we work and communicate and how we live in our homes.

Advancements in smart home systems have made life more comfortable and convenient for homeowners while providing enhanced health protection. Here are some of the latest home technologies that can make your life easier and safer.

Smart Air Mattress

If you’re one of the many people who struggle to get a good night’s sleep, you may be interested in the Coway Smart Care Air Mattress. It features a built-in air purifier and aroma dispenser that breathes out clean air from all around the sides of the mattress as you sleep. Its humidifier adjusts the level of humidity automatically. This feature will benefit everyone, but more so people who have allergies.

The mattress comes with its own self-dimming lights that slowly turn down when you hit the bed to create a relaxing environment for sleep. The mattress senses your position and body pressure, whether you sleep peacefully in one place or twist and turn. It automatically adjusts the mattress firmness to provide optimum support. This will be great for people who have back problems.

If you’re looking for a way to improve your sleep quality, the Coway Smart Care Air Mattress may be worth considering.

Universal Connectivity Among Smart Home Devices — to Come

One problem among smart home products these days is that they don’t connect across brands. For instance, if you buy an Amazon product, all your other smart home products must also be Amazon if you want them to work together.

Matter solves that issue. It is envisioned as a universal open-source protocol that can connect to all smart home devices regardless of brand. Even more impressive is that it will allow them to work with each other. The product is not yet out but the major brands like Amazon, Google, Apple, and Samsung have already indicated their interest.

There is a concern among observers, though, regarding security. While each brand has its own security protocols, they are unsure how things will work when data is shared among various brands.

Smart Water System

Touch-free systems became popular as people became increasingly wary of touching surfaces during the Covid-19 pandemic. The Moen Smart Faucet is voice-activated. The latest version enables you to use only gestures, without touching it, to control water flow, temperature, and even the precise volume of water to be dispensed.

For instance, you can fill your coffee pot directly from the faucet with the exact measurement of hot water at the temperature you determine. The Moen Smart Water App allows you to set what gestures will produce specific results.

The system involves more than just the faucet. It includes the Smart Water Network and Smart Water Monitor and Shutoff. It will also soon include a smart shower. 

The Smart Water Monitor continually checks the entire home’s water pressure, flow, and temperature. It detects and reports leaks, pipes that burst, and other problems.

The Smart Water Monitor and Smart Water App can be used together to winterize the home’s water system. Upon the homeowner’s activation, the system will stop water from entering the home system and flush out any water in the pipes.

Even if the winterize mode is not activated, the system has a freeze protection mode. It automatically kicks in when it senses that a pipe may burst due to extremely low temperature or high pressure. It will shut off water inflow and purge the line.

Once the weather is fine, the system’s Health Protect feature will activate before normalizing water flow. It will flush all lines to remove dirt, debris, and germs.

Smart home app

Smart Washer and Dryer

The LG FX washer and dryer are truly smart. You load enough detergent for several washes in a separate dispenser. When you put in clothes, the washer uses its Artificial Intelligence Direct Drive (AI DD) technology to detect the load volume, the fabric type, and soil level in the clothes. 

It dispenses the appropriate amount of detergent and sets the wash cycle based on that information. It also instructs the dryer on the proper drying cycle.

Smart Body Scan Weighing Scale

Health is now a major concern for most people. The Body Scan from Withings does not just weigh you, assess your body composition, and send it to an app on your phone. That’s something other smart scales are already doing.

The Body Scan has a retractable handle that you pull up. It has electrodes made of stainless steel and a six-lead electrocardiogram (ECG). These check your heart rhythm and monitor for atrial fibrillation. Furthermore, the scale monitors the activity of your nerves through your feet.

Physicians specializing in cardiovascular, neurological, and metabolic problems helped develop the Body Scan. Based on its findings, the accompanying app recommends a health plan.

Homes are Getting Smarter Than Ever

Withings has developed a smart body scale that measures weight and body composition and monitors heart rhythm and nerve activity. It even recommends a health plan.

Many other home technologies are becoming smarter every day, if that’s not enough. From voice-activated faucets to washers and dryers that adjust their cycles based on load size and soil level, homes are becoming increasingly automated and tailored to residents’ specific needs.

While some people may worry about the security implications of this trend, most can’t wait to see what new inventions will make lives easier in the years to come.

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