Knowing Your Speed: Key to Becoming a Better Baseball Player

Baseball player about to hit a ball

There’s no doubt about it: when it comes to baseball, speed is the name of the game. Yes, timing and power are also vital, but it’s at the rate of how one bats, pitches, or runs that can make a huge difference. However, for these two to produce results at all, you need to have immense speed, whether you’re a hitter, a pitcher, or a fielder, to make a difference in any of the games you play.

You know this because you’ve already seen how teams win (or lose) their games based on how fast they are in what they do. And it’s with this knowledge that you should already invest in tools that will help you become a better player. An example is the baseball radar gun.

A quick 101 on these devices

At its core, a radar gun is a device used to track anything that moves, specifically the speed behind its movement. Before, its use was most common in law enforcement agencies so that traffic officers can determine a speeding motorist and lay out the corresponding warning or penalty. However, as its functions and benefits became more apparent outside of the police departments, the sports industry began to take an interest in it.

And now, you’ll find both amateur and professional athletes utilizing radar guns not just in actual games and competitions, but during their practices and training too. Much thanks to these devices, they were able to boost many aspects of their play, and for baseball players, these include batting, pitching, and running.

Why and how knowing your speed helps you become a better player

Knowing what your batting, pitching, or running speed is in accurate measurements, gives you the chance to determine for yourself what your weaknesses and strengths are. Recognizing and acknowledging this is key to coming up with a better plan for improving the areas of your gameplay.

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