Keep It Easy: Efficiently Running Your Team from Home

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More and more companies are seeing the benefits of remote work set-ups. They know that they get to cut down on overheads, such as office rentals and utilities. The output is still made despite team members being apart from each other. However, this particular set-up also poses some challenges that may make leaders and decision-makers like you feel stressed.

There is a lack of face-to-face conversations and supervision, and social isolation may take a bit of a toll on your employees. But you can always get past these difficulties if you acknowledge them and if you are willing to make some adjustments and implement beneficial policies for your employees. If you are looking for some pointers, you are reading the right article:

Make regular checks on your employees

Social isolation is real, and you might have some employees who are living on their own. Whenever it is possible, you could have a daily check-in with your team members. You can do it every other day. Acknowledge the fact that your employees need to feel your presence, and as your duty, you need to make it known that they can count on you. During these check-ins, you can ask them about their issues with the work system, or you may want to take the time to praise them for a work well done.

Do not be a micromanager

Yes, your employees need to make sure that you are present. But you are not supposed to overdo it. That way, you become a micromanager. When you act like a micromanager, you are sending a message that you cannot trust your team members. Empower your employees and teach them to be independent. Just encourage them to come to you if they encounter problems that only higher-ups and decision-makers can solve.

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Keep expectations aligned

If you are seeking to empower your team members, you need to make sure first that both parties are on the same page. That is to say that you should be managing your expectations; keep them realistic, especially when it comes to output and quality. Reasonable metrics will allow you to gauge work quality; at the same time, your team members will have a benchmark when it comes to crafting their work. While you are both at it, agree on the following essential items: definition of work scope, a load of deliverables, and deadlines.

Rely on technology

Technology has made it easy for companies to conduct remote work, so there should be no excuses once all of you have gotten used to your tools. Invest in the right software, especially when it comes to communication and operational procedures. Download reliable video call applications and buy cloud storage for easy access to files. Software for the B2B customer onboarding process will also be beneficial for your operations.

You can do it!

As the manager, you can see the bigger picture, potential, and future of your work setup. While there are some challenges, you are supposed to lead the adaptation process. Solutions and suggestions should come from you, but it would also be helpful to seek the aid of your team members and stakeholders.

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