How to Write Your Company’s AVP Script

video production crew discussing video scriptSelling your company requires you to tell a lot about yourself. But people have a short attention span, and the best that you can do is outline your products and services in a 30-second TV or radio ad, or in a short copy-based print ad. You can do more than this.

If you are joining trade shows or are just marketing to people who visit your office, a corporate AVP can do the trick, with the help of corporate production companies here in Denver. This is where you can incorporate good storytelling into your business and marketing goals.

If you are looking to create a killer and appealing AVP script, here are some tips that you may keep in mind.

Keep it short

The last thing you would want to do is come up with a long script. Keep in mind that your audience has a short attention span and may not be able to digest all the information. Keep your script short. The longest that you can go for is 5 minutes.

Include the essentials, such as the history of the company, its achievements, and its goals.

Talk to the audience

It’s easy to be egocentric when writing an AVP script, but you should keep in mind that you are still talking to your customers. Just like in normal conversations, you wouldn’t want to talk to someone who keeps talking a lot about himself.

Explain in the video your goals and efforts to make your customers’ life much easier. Also, talk using your brand’s voice.

Keep the visuals in mind

Half of the video should be visuals-based. This will make sure that your AVP will not be boring. You can use stock videos, but if you want it to be more appealing, you can shoot it. You can work with corporate production companies for the best results.

Writing an AVP should not be complicated. Just be honest and talk to your audience with sincerity, and you are off to a good start.

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