How to Increase Your Blog Traffic in 4 Easy Ways

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So you’ve written a bunch of “ultimate guides” and “according to an expert” kinds of articles. You’ve religiously followed blogging best practices. You’ve even published content every week to show that you’re serious about blogging and sharing your expertise with your audience.

But in the end, your blog traffic is still plateauing.

That’s when you may start questioning things. Are you doing something wrong? Should you even blog when you could just market your business in other ways? Are you wasting your time?

Don’t worry. You can’t expect to immediately get hundreds and thousands of organic traffic. It doesn’t mean you can’t get there, though. With the help of an SEO company and by following our tips below, you can increase organic blog traffic.

1. Create a pillar article

What do you think is better: writing one article that has all the relevant information your audience needs and targets the major keywords you want to rank for or a bunch of different blog posts all related to the same topics and keywords?

For this, the more isn’t necessarily the merrier. Apart from you having to write multiple blog posts, those very posts will be fighting for the traffic of the same keyword. Whereas if you write a pillar article, you have a valuable and highly readable post. These articles are usually a beginner’s guide, a Top 10 list, or a “How To” allowing you to cover a broad range of topics relevant to your industry.

2. Write topics that match people’s search intent

Search engines like Google aim to give users relevant results for their queries, which means they prioritize blog posts that align with people’s search intent.

Let’s say you have a window cleaning business. When you type “window cleaning” on Google search, the top results on Google are about how to clean windows like a pro. That means these articles prove useful to people who use that search query. If you want a chance to rank for that keyword, then a how-to article from the perspective of a professional is what you should publish.

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3. Refresh old content

Content freshness is one of Google’s ranking factors so updating old posts, especially one that had significant traffic once, is key to driving more traffic to your blog.

Instead of writing a new article tackling the same topic, simply update the one you already have by replacing outdated information with the latest data, add keywords related to the main one, and add content you might have missed the first time.

4. Make social sharing easy

The traffic your articles get from social media shares is natural, meaning those who can see them are people or friends of people who follow you. Making it easy to share your articles can help drive traffic to your blog.

You can do this by writing articles with captivating headlines. People tend to share ones where the title has a shock value but isn’t a clickbait. Then, make sure to have social sharing buttons readily available at the beginning or end of your post. This way, readers can share your articles in one click.

Increasing blog traffic may seem like a lot of work, but you’ll find that the results will be worth it. Apply our tips above and see where your blog posts take you.

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