How Sales Representatives Can Boost Productivity with the Latest iOS Apps

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Our world today has become incredibly reliant on technology, from smartphones to computers. These are used everywhere at any time of day, in homes, schools, and even workplaces. And it’s not just because of the game and movie apps. Phone applications have proven to be an effective tool for productivity and efficiency, with 24% of companies saying custom apps helped advance their business processes. In comparison, 30% reported the improvement of employee productivity with the use of mobile apps. As a result, companies that belong to the sales industry have begun shifting to new technologies to boost the sales process.

Why Productivity Is Critical to a Sales Representative’s Success

Sales representatives are the bridge between consumers and businesses. They are responsible for selling the products, looking into connections with customers, and hunting for new sales opportunities. Through their efforts, the total amount of revenue generated for a specific duration is boosted. If sales reps are unproductive and ineffective, companies are bound to fail.

You can see how important sales representatives are, with companies often relying on their effectiveness to boost sales and profits. Prioritizing their productivity is a crucial factor in the long life, success, and growth of a company. Even C-level executives believe that sales productivity is fundamental for the advancement of a business. Thus, it is a major challenge for these companies to find solutions that can help improve their reps’ sales performance and productivity.

What Mobile Apps Can Do to Improve Efficiency for Sales Representatives

Studies show that companies using technology are 57% more productive at sales training and development than firms that do not use technology. Using tech like mobile apps to improve a sales representative’s efficiency can bring forth a wide range of opportunities for companies. Some applications specifically cater to businesses that can upgrade sales processes, encourage innovation efforts, and refine workflow in multiple ways. A mobile app can be an excellent complementary instrument that can assist a sales representative with their daily responsibilities while simplifying complicated procedures. Here are two notable examples of how sales representatives can benefit from mobile apps.

Direct Sales Representatives

The job of direct sales representatives employed by pharmaceutical companies is to explain and present samples of specific products to physicians. With mobile apps, accurate content can easily be accessible for showing and selling the product. Documents can be organized so that it will be easier to present the necessary details about the product.

Insurance Agents

Selling products and services through the phone can be a challenge. Insurance agents that use CRMs find that their jobs are a lot easier as they have one app that can store potential clients’ contact information. Even reporting is a breeze through the personalized analytics that apps can quickly generate.

Different Types of iOS Apps Sales Representatives Need to Download.


As of 2020, there are more than 100 million American citizens who own an iPhone. That takes up about 45% of people who own smartphones in the United States. This makes the iPhone the most popular and preferred smartphone in America. Fortunately, a variety of mobile apps for sales representatives are available on the App Store. There are applications made for promoting products, processing orders, managing customer relationships, improving communication and collaboration, and organizing and collecting information through systematic note-taking. We’ve collated a list of iOS apps you might want to try to boost your productivity.

For customer relationship management or CRM, here are the available applications:

  • Formstack – This application enables sales reps to quickly create detailed intake forms, digital agreements, and signatures that can ultimately help you better serve your clients.
  • Expensify – This application assists sales reps by dealing with deductions, expenses, and fees

Additionally, you can improve your communication with the following:

  • Slack – This application is used for communicating and collaborating with clients or members of your sales team.
  • WhatsApp Messenger – With the use of your smartphone’s internet connection, reaching customers and colleagues all around the world through message and calls have never been easier through WhatsApp.
  • Keynote – Through this application, you can whip up presentations for important meetings with clients and companies with ease.

Note-taking is also made effortless with these iOS applications:

  • Evernote – Evernote allows you to take notes and memos on your phone.
  • Dragon- This app automatically transcribes voice memos into text for quicker and easier access to critical information.
  • Wunderlist – This application gives you the option to digitalize to-do lists and share lists with coworkers when doing collaborations.

Sales representatives are always on the go, that is why these applications for travel will be useful:

  • Google Maps – This application is commonly used by iPhone users who want to keep track of where you are or where you need to be.
  • TripIt – This app is useful for traveling sales representatives who need to keep track of flight confirmations, restaurant reservations, or car rental information.

Mobile applications continue to prove themselves as an ideal tool for improving productivity, especially for sales representatives who aim to perform well and achieve success. The ones we’ve listed out are just the tip of the iceberg—there are plenty of other apps in the App Store that can get you more opportunities to sell. Try them and see how they can improve the way you work.

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