Looking to Acquire and Hone Digital Skills? Here are Top Courses to Take

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The world has drastically changed. With the advent of modernization and the advancement of technology, most human activities are done online. Both sellers and consumers can make transactions via online platforms in the eCommerce business. Also, remote employees can work from home (WFH) using digital tools and technologies during this pandemic.

As we now live in a digital era, having digital skills is paramount. LinkedIn came up with a list of digital skills (apart from soft skills) that are in demand today. Developing and acquiring these digital skills will guarantee immediate employment and ensure career advancement.

If you’re a student looking to enter a university, be highly critical of selecting a particular college degree program. This degree must help you hone and acquire the necessary digital skills. When choosing a degree, here are top courses for digital skills you must consider:

1. Cloud Computing

Cloud computing entails the use of the internet in delivering different services online. It involves employing various tools and applications such as servers, networks, data storage solutions, and even software. It’s best to learn digital skills that will enable you to use tools and applications for cloud computing.

During this pandemic, we’ve seen how WFH has become plausible through the use of cloud computing. It eliminates the need for infrastructure and hardware resources. As long as you have a personal device and web connection, you’re good.

2. Digital Marketing

Digital marketing has never been this important. In fact, it has become all the more necessary during the pandemic. Why? Businesses have relied on digital platforms to market their business and promote their products or service.

That said, it’s best to learn digital marketing skills to make you bankable to businesses. These skills include search engine optimization (for online visibility), pay-per-click advertising (for website traffic), email marketing (for promotion), and content marketing (for branding, promotion, and customer engagement).

3. Social Media Management

One can no longer deny the power of social media, whether Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, or LinkedIn. Not only are these channels used for personal purposes, but they are also utilized for businesses.

Social media marketing has recently become valuable for many businesses across the globe. Hence, learning and acquiring skills for social media management can make you ahead of the global workforce.

Social Media Management

4. Web Design

Having a website nowadays is no longer an option for companies and organizations. It’s imperative to have one, whether you run a brick-and-mortar store or an online business. That’s why web designers are in demand these days.

It makes a difference in your future career if you have skills in web design. But apart from web creation and development, you must learn responsive web design, user experience (UX), extended realities (augment reality and virtual reality). These digital skills will give you a competitive advantage.

5. Mobile App Development

In recent years, we’ve seen and witnessed the rise of mobile app development. Employees install various apps on their laptops and use them for work. A few examples are Slack (for communication), Trello (for content management), and Microsoft 365 (for office productivity).

In addition, it’s easy to see individuals installing apps on their mobile phones. These aren’t just social media apps like Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. You can also use apps for financial management, fitness tracking, weight loss, and a whole lot more. Hence, it’s best to become a mobile app developer as this role is in demand nowadays.

6. Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity has become a growing concern, especially during this pandemic. As many companies and organizations have gone digital, hackers, scammers, and online crooks have been on the loose committing cyberattacks. Many businesses tap cybersecurity services to protect their business, employees, and customers.

If you are ready to check to-do things off your checklist for applying for college, make sure to consider an information technology (IT) degree. This program typically includes cybersecurity courses that will help you develop and acquire the necessary digital skills. Once you graduate, you’ll have a competitive advantage in the digital world.

7. Artificial Intelligence

In recent years, we’ve seen the rise of artificial intelligence (AI). Think of the use of automation, robotics, and machine learning in various industries. Consider chatbots, manufacturing robots, facial detection and recognition, and self-driving cars.

While AI might replace workers anytime soon, it needs humans to develop AI tools and technologies. That said, you may want to take up a programming course and eventually learn AI development later on.

Choosing a degree program that offers courses for digital skills is paramount. When selecting, be sure to consider those courses discussed above—from cloud computing down to artificial intelligence. Ultimately, honing and acquiring digital skills can be instrumental to your future employment, career advancement, and overall success.

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