For Startups: Strengthening Your Brand Beyond the Covid-19 Crisis

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Many businesses shut down during the pandemic. Other existing companies have no choice but to pivot their brand into something else. But for some brave entrepreneurs, they saw the Covid-19 crisis as a great opportunity to build their startup. Indeed, the pandemic proved just how important brand resiliency is. But the question is, how can startup businesses remain successful during the pandemic and beyond?

Here are some effective ways to strengthen your business resiliency and increase your chances of success past the crisis.

Ask for Help and Offer Help in Return

One mistake business owners make is thinking they have to do everything on their own. During these unprecedented times, your best bet for business survival and success would be to ask for help. Remember that there is no reason to feel guilty about needing the assistance of your team or other people in ensuring you get to maintain your business.

Check which areas of your business you need to change and update. Keep your communication lines open, be it with your employees, customers, vendors, or partners. Encourage them to share their thoughts, ideas, struggles, and opinions.

Now is also a good time to seek help from the pros. For instance, you’ve been slacking on your social media marketing strategy. Consider outsourcing the services of a local SEO agency that has the same values as your brand and understands your SMM needs.

While you’re at it, don’t forget to return the favor and offer your help whenever you can. Actively keep your eyes open for opportunities that allow you to help local communities. You can inspire kindness, boost your brand visibility, and even build great relationships with other local businesses.

Create Meaningful Interactions Online and Offline


Brick-and-mortar businesses are now embracing online marketing strategies. Online businesses, on the other hand, are starting to offer in-store experiences by building physical locations. This only goes to show that no matter the kind of business, there is a need to build meaningful interactions with your target audiences both online and offline.

The best way for a startup brand to boost brand visibility is to integrate offline and online marketing techniques. This enables you to reach out to both online and offline consumers and promote your offers in their preferred channels. A combination of effective and trending online and offline marketing tactics boosts your results.

One may think that doing both online and offline marketing is costly. But in reality, every penny and effort spent is worth it since the return-in-investment is a lot more substantial. It only makes sense to integrate your online and offline marketing efforts as these can complement each other and result in a higher ROI.

Start Focusing on Your Target Audience’s Needs

Many startup companies are guilty of focusing on their revenue. But the pandemic is the perfect time to show kindness, compassion, and show your main priorities are your customers. Your business exists because you found and have the solution to consumer’s struggles, and you owe part of your success to your clients.

Make sure you know your customers’ needs and tailor your offers in a way that will solve their current dilemmas. This will help make your business a lot more desirable. This can also help you boost your sales and revenue.

Find ways to market your brand while putting your focus on what consumers need. Remember that during the crisis, many consumers fear for their health and safety. Use this knowledge to provide better solutions so that your customers can still avail of your offers.

Take This Opportunity to Expand Your Reach

The pandemic taught us to adapt to the current situation to stay relevant. Online startups are now offering their services offline while brick-and-mortar businesses are marketing their offers online. Now that you are touching both worlds, you now have the opportunity to expand your market and cater to other consumers.

Use this opportunity to entice new consumers. Think of other potential customers who could use your offers. All it takes is a little bit of creativity to expand your market and bring your startup to start scaling.

For instance, you own a small coffee shop and recently started selling coffee products online. Now, you are not just longer depending on your shop’s profit but start making revenue by selling your coffee products to other cities or even abroad. The more you get to increase your reach, the better your chances of boosting your business success.

How you position your brand and what you do today can influence your startup’s future. Choose to be kind, creative, resilient, and customer-centric. Focus on bringing in more value to consumers and offer your help whenever the opportunity arises. Expand your reach, show your leadership, and show that you are still and will continue to stay relevant with or without a pandemic. The more resilient your brand becomes, the easier it will be for your business to bounce back no matter the challenges that come your way.

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