Expand Your Business with a Streamlined PO Management Program

business man and woman looking at the clipboard

business man and woman looking at the clipboardManufacturing and distribution companies face many challenges in managing their direct spend. A SaaS application helps in automating purchase order management processes from creation, payment, and even the buyer’s acknowledgment of purchase order. It reduces risks in repetitive data which in turn causes costs and delays. You can expand your business with a simple yet powerful SaaS program.

A Simplified PO Management Means Efficiency

A SaaS program like sourceday.com enhances the capabilities of traditional ERP modules. By integrating with an ERP, a cloud-based SaaS program automates the entire PO management cycle, creating an efficient system that can be operated with ease. Focus on developing your company’s partnerships and buyer-seller or service provider relations with a SaaS program.

Work Automatic and Grow Fast

Make a difference in how you do things and grow exponentially by working automatically. A SaaS program is also beneficial for your suppliers and clients — acknowledgment of purchase orders can also be done through a SaaS program. Quotations can be requested and sent through online channels, delivery and receiving are standardized through labels or QR codes ensuring security for both buyer and seller.

A SaaS program also features a supplier scorecard that reflects real-time performance and important statistics, communicating relevant information to suppliers and sellers. E-mail correspondences and the often long wait that comes with it has been eliminated through the automated and integrated SaaS program.

Make Sure Your Data Won’t Bust

Another common problem with all offices is managing data retention. Memory drives are bogged down by dense and repetitive data. This also causes difficulty and inefficiency in searching or tracking for important transaction information. A SaaS program ensures that documents are controlled. Supplier information is stored in a central memory; confirmations and revisions can be monitored in one screen.

Purchase order management is a silent yet essential aspect of a company, whether you are in the business of manufacturing, service, or delivery. Neglect could cause serious problems in operations, wasting work hours in fixing document storage and organization. A SaaS program can prevent these problems from happening. An automated PO management program can change the way you do things and could pave the way for the expansion of your company.

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