Essential Features of an E-Commerce Mobile App

E-commerce is now the new buzzword in marketing circles, as more and more businesses are going digital. The profits you and to reap in e-commerce are significant and can propel your business to great heights.

Over 70% of online customers prefer using mobile apps to business websites when visiting online stores. Custom mobile app development is therefore essential for you to remain relevant in e-commerce. lists the key features your mobile app should have for a sustainable user experience.

Seamless onboarding

All mobile applications should be as easy to use as possible for your visitors. Streamlining is essential for a smooth onboarding experience. It is prudent to integrate all your apps with social media channels since most mobile users are glued to social applications. This facilitates seamless user sign-in and negates the need for multiple passwords.

Push notifications

These are powerful tools to help your clients in shopping. Push notifications inspire customers to take instant action and will therefore significantly improve your sales. They allow you to provide more information of discounts, promotions and special offers to your users. These tools are also useful in reminding your customers about incomplete orders and abandoned shopping carts.

Feedback mechanism

Providing an efficient communication system is essential to building your customer’s trust. There should be a feedback mechanism in place where customers can report any problems and offer suggestions on your mobile app. Ensure you respond to their queries and appreciate their feedback. This will build the credibility of the app.

Your e-commerce mobile app should also be personalized to make it convenient and easy to use. Get a good tech company to develop your mobile app. A well-equipped and experienced company will develop the best app to build your brand loyalty and enhance customer satisfaction.

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