How Can You Make Your Site Click-worthy? Here’s What to Know

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The Internet is not only a place where you can connect to people from all over the world or one that stores an infinite amount of data and information. It is also the biggest cloud marketplace where you can promote your brand and sell your products.

The Internet being a marketplace is not a secret, which is why you will see countless ads linking you to online shops whether you’re reading a blog, playing an online game, watching content, or listening to music. And if you’re new to this setup and are interested in building your own website, here are some tips that will entice netizens to click on your link and land you on top of search engine results.

Craft SEO-driven Content

Mastering how to use SEO to drive traffic to your website takes time but will help you out the most. By creating SEO-driven content, you will generate traffic without having to spend a dime. SEO is all about keywords, and there are tools, such as Google Keyword Planner and AnswerThePublic, which will help you find the right words to use in your content.

From there, you can search your collected keywords in forums like Quora to see industry-related topics or use a tool you’re more familiar with, like Google’s related searches and auto-complete feature to create SEO-driven content.

Write Succinct Metadata

Metadata is the short description you will see under a website’s title on a search engine’s results page. It contributes to driving traffic to your site by enticing people to click on your link. Metadata gives a brief explanation of what people will see in your site or what your article is about, especially since titles and website names can only say so much.

This will give readers a glimpse of what they will see on your website. Just like the SEO-friendly keywords in your content, the words you use in your metadata will also determine your spot in search engine rankings, making using relevant keywords in this part of your website imperative. Aside from keywords, there also other ways to create effective metadata, such as writing it in your brand’s tone and style and including a call to action to attract readers.

Upload New Content

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Enhancing your SEO ranking will require you to look at things from a reader’s point of view. If you’re looking for content, aside from clicking on the sites from a search engine’s top page, you will also consider reading recently published articles. Since most information can change daily, readers tend to opt for content that is newly published.

To draw in readers, you have to stay relevant by frequently publishing content using the keywords you’ve gathered from using tools that help you find industry-related topics. By regularly uploading content or even just updating your old ones with new information, readers will be compelled to click, helping catapult your website to the top page of search engines.

Optimize Your Loading Time

No matter the device, people have a shorter attention span, especially when waiting for a web page to load, and this can cause you to have increased bounce rates. Bounce rates deal with the percentage of visitors that leave your website only after viewing it for a short time. This is often caused by readers not finding the information they’re looking for in your site, your website being too complex to navigate, or if it’s taking too long to load.

If you’re faced with the last one, there are solutions to help optimize your website’s loading time. Image formats, like JPeg XR and WebP, as well as using adaptive images, will save bandwidth, reduce image weight, and eventually make your loading time faster. Using optimized core web vitals as a guide to see what the standards are when it comes to a page’s speed and responsiveness will help you find easy solutions to your problems.

Besides decreasing the weight of your images, compressing your content will also help you enhance loading time. To do this, you can use web servers like IIS or Apache to automatically write your code according to CSS, JavaScript, or HTML format.

Make It Mobile-friendly

Mobile phones are built as convenient gadgets that also offer similar features to that of a computer, so, understandably, people prefer using smartphones over bulky PCs. By making your website mobile-friendly, you can increase traffic and solidify your spot on a search engine’s top results page. No matter how easy to navigate your website looks when viewed from a desktop screen, you will still need to do a few tweaks to make its interface look just as friendly from a reader’s smartphone.

To make it mobile-friendly, you should use simple designs, and its text ought to look sharp and have enough amount of white space. Using available frameworks and pre-built systems will also help you make your site more mobile adaptive without the hassle of creating your own codes.

The Internet is the future of online stores. Even if you’re not selling a product but still want to have your own website to promote your brand, generating foot traffic is the only way you can stand out amongst millions upon millions of content.

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