Are You Still Using These 90’s Gadgets in 2020?

Compact disc player

As we start a new decade, let us take a quick trip down gadget memory lane and see which of these treasured gadgets you still have and continue to carry with you. Some of your favorites may have come out in the 90s, over two decades ago.

Personal Digital Assistant

If you still have a PDA, it may be showing signs that it is ready to retire. You may not be willing to let it go just yet. The good news is there are still a few PDA repair shops that can nurse your beloved assistant back to its proper working condition. These repair shops can give your trusty ol’ digital diary a full system and unit check-up to ensure that both its software and hardware are still in good shape. These things may be old, but they still prove to be useful up to this day.

While the basic features of these digital handhelds can also be found in today’s high-tech smartphones, there’s nothing quite like having a separate, trusted digital aide in your pocket. It may be too basic based on today’s tech standards, but hey, it gets the job done!

External Drives

While many of us have started using the cloud for storing documents and various file types, there are some who still use external hard disk drives or USB drives. In the early 2000s, these devices were the representation of portability and mobility. Having an external HDD or a USB drive (aka a flash key or thumb drive) is a must for anyone who works in the field of tech or those who process huge files for work. These have also become essential to home users, and is often used as a place to store large files and important documents for back up. It frees up the limited storage capacity that were used for computers and laptops.

If you’re wondering about the storage capacity of these devices, think 128MB and 256MB when they first came out. Data storage space grew quickly since then. Today, we have thumb drives that can handle terabytes of data. Crazy, right?

CD Player/Writer

Alongside external HDDs and flash keys, the CD writer and player combo was a huge hit for those who needed a storage option that they can give away. CDs were cheap and easy to carry, making them perfect for sharing files without having to worry about getting them back. Just stick a CD into your computer, “burn” the files into them, and you’re good to go. In a matter of minutes, the CD has the data that you need, and you can take it anywhere you go.

The CD Writer also functions as a player, so you get two things done with one piece of equipment. As the technology evolved, rewritable CDs came about, allowing users to reuse CDs that already contained data. Even though the number of times files can be re-written is limited, it was still a great way to recycle old CDs, instead of purchasing new ones.

Take Care of Your Gadgets

Inside of a CD player

Some of these things may sound crazy and out of this world for you, but these were the bleeding edge of technology back in the 90s and early 2000s. And if you’re someone who still use and depend on these digital tools for scheduling and backing up files, it’s important to keep your devices in good working condition by having them checked and serviced at repair shops that specialise in these tech tools. It would be nice if a few decades from now, you still have some old school gadgets to show off to your grandkids.

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